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Do I need rain gutters?
Yes, left unprotected, rain water discharging from the house can roof can lead to several problems: cracks in foundation or walkways, water getting into basements, land erosion, back splashing on the house causing rot to clapboards, trim and kick plates and icy, dangerous conditions in the winter.
Aren’t all gutters the same?
Gutters vary greatly. There are low quality, light weight vinyl or aluminum, sectioned gutters that can be found at a home improvement store and installed by other companies. These have seams, which always leak and their design and construction will not hold up to Saskatchewan weather. You need to have a professional company install a high quality, fully warranted seamless gutter system to best protect your property.
Why should we use Beveridges Seamless Gutters?
We take a comprehensive approach to gutter installation, factoring in the various elements of your property when developing your custom designed system. Unlike other jack of all trade companies, we specialize solely in the installation and service of rain management systems. For example, your gutter system may require more downspouts, splash guards, funnels, diverters, single or double returns, wood build out, etc. We guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with our service.
Do gutters cause ice dams?
Ice dams are formed by melting water that is caused by weather patterns and issues with ventilation and insulation in your home. Most frequently, heat escapes the house, the snow against the roof melts, runs to the edge of the roof and re freezes. Over time this can create a dam. Gutters don’t cause ice dams.
How do we prevent an ice dam?
The best way to prevent an ice dam is to remove the snow that is the source. This can be done by snow raking the roof at least 4 feet from the edge or installing an automated, heated roof and gutter deicing system.
Do I need to maintain my gutters?
Absolutely, you need to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are free of debris and flowing properly. Unless a quality gutter cover is installed, this requires that they be cleaned and flushed twice a year. We offer annual cleaning and maintenance programs to help make the maintenance trouble free.
Should I get a gutter cover?
Depending on your house and the site specifics, quality gutter covers are often a good choice. We make an assessment of your house, the types of trees and debris that impact your gutter system. We can then make a recommendation on which style gutter would work best for your gutter system.
What if my fascia is at an angle?
We offer various size wedges that are installed behind the gutter, against the fascia. These properly position the gutters so that they look good and function well. In some cases wood build out is required.
What if my fascia has molding or if there isn’t a fascia?
Depending on the style of roof, we use a hidden strap system to install the gutters. The straps are installed under the shingles so that there is minimal visual impact. In some instances, we can use modified wood build out to create a fascia on which to install the gutters.
I’m ready to move forward with the work, what do I do next?
Just give us a call or email us to release the job. We’ll confirm the color for the gutters and any options or gutter covers that you choose to have installed. We put your job on the schedule and coordinate with you on the date.
Generally, we don’t require a deposit. Our terms are that we get paid the day of the job and for your convenience, we take cash, or check
What else can I do to protect my home from the elements?
Often there is a condition with the shingle/drip edge function that causes the water to wrap against the fascia and behind the gutter. This can lead to wood rot and system failure. While we try to make this determination in advance, this may not always be evident until the gutters are installed.
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